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Itbal G.

Kemsley Law Firm helped me when I needed legal assistance. I really appreciate their one-on-one personal service and their concerns for my situation. I would gladly recommend them as good, trustworthy attorneys to help your needs.

Robert G.

I can truly state the Kemsley Law Firm helped me out of a severe financial hardship representing me in my former bankruptcy case. I was/am completely satisfied with their courteous, respectful, professional, friendly service representing me, they were patient and personally understanding to me and my situation, I would not hesitate to recommend their Law Firm to relatives, friends, others. They are without a doubt dedicated to their clients.

Marie & Emilio S.

“Thank you” just does not seem adequate enough to convey how we feel about your services in July of 2011 when you helped us with our Bankruptcy proceeding. We truly appreciated your professionalism and incredible knowledge. You have been very supportive during a very difficult time.
Rod, you have proven yourself a man of integrity who is conscientious and dedicated. You have the unique ability to be easily understood during a seemingly complex experience. You always returned our calls and emails promptly. If gives us confidence to know that you had our back.
Rod, we truly appreciated your expert, thoughtful and thorough handling of our case. Once again, the knowledge, information, and support you shared really had an impact on our lives—you made a very difficult experience a little easier. We will certainly recommend you to other people who need your services.

Mikko H.

My first impression of the Kemsley Law Firm was that I was treated with respect, honesty and warmth. Mr. Kemsley listens to your concerns and offers very clear and understandable options for your legal needs, whatever they may be. He personally responds to your calls/emails whenever you have any concerns or questions.

Eric M.

Rod Kemsley is a true expert in Bankruptcy Law and always follows up efficiently. He also keeps you informed and never misses a step during the bankruptcy process. I would highly recommend Rod and Louise to any other person that is going through difficult times to help with Bankruptcy or look for options that might be available to you.

Pamela J.

I am so thankful to have found Kemsley Law Firm when I was in need of a lawyer. Mr. Kemsley was very helpful in getting my case done in a timely manner. He is a kind, caring and wise lawyer. The most important thing I appreciated about Kemsley Law Firm was that they didn’t try to over-charge me with fees for my case. I genuinely trust Mr. Rod Kemsley, and recommend him to anyone who needs a trustworthy, caring, and affordable lawyer.

Thank you so much to adam and the schachter law firm for all there wonderful work

In January 2012 my wife and i where in alot of stress due to our debts, one day i decided to talk to adam and the schachter law firm. as i talked to him on the phone to schedule an appointment i immediately could hear that adam was an honest person, a few days later my wife and i decided to go on a one hour meeting with adam, while in the meeting adam told us everything about the bankruptcy and the steps and time it would take. at that moment my wife and i decided to go foward with the bankruptcy cause i felt the honesty of the law firm and he had put alot of confidence in me. during the process of the bankruptcy adam was always on top of everything and he would always work with my schedule. adam and his staff gave us the confidence that we needed to have our life back. thank you so much to adam and the schachter law firm for all there wonderful work. sincerely yours , Miguel & Ana Santillana

A+ for the Schachter Law Firm!

I would like to thank Adam Schachter's Law Firm and his entire staff. Jessica and Ryan were awsome. The Schachter Law Firm handled my case in a professional manor. The guidance the Firm provided was second to none. A+ for the Schachter Law Firm!

I would highly recommend Adam, and his staff!

I just have to say to all of you guys that thought that bankruptcy would never happen to you.... It's nothing to be ashamed of and to tell you the truth, I am proud to shout out to the whole world that I have now been through the whole process and I feel like all burdens have been lifted off my shoulders! Adam and his team made me feel as if I were their only client. Every meeting was quick, to the point, and I actually left understanding everything that was discussed. All of my telephone calls were answered promptly and again, I felt at ease. Due to the economic downfall in 2008, my finances pretty much went down the toilet and things just kept getting worse. I was referred to Adam and his team and made the first step of meeting with Adam. My life changed for the better by just listening to what he had to say! Every issue was worked through with such compassion and patience. I would often forget that they were lawyers and think that I was with a group of friends, WOW!! I would highly recommend Adam, and his staff! You will begin to live your life again!

Thanks Adam for helping us get out from under a heavy burden...

I didn't want to admit that things had gotten to the point of seriously considering filing for bankruptcy! I was reluctant to discuss it with my husband, and embarrassed at the thought of going and talking to an attorney – but things had gotten so behind...there didn't seem to be many alternatives. Boy was I relieved after meeting Adam and talking with him on that first appointment! He put us at ease, answered all our questions, was very thorough and professional, and also very warm and personable. The best part was that he stayed that way through the whole process. Thanks Adam for helping us get out from under a heavy burden, and back on track! If you ever need a reference, send them our way!

Thank you Adam!

I met Adam at a LLU class, and found out there that he was an attorney. At that point I was getting behind in things, getting lots of calls and letters, but had not really considered filing bankruptcy very seriously. We talked for a few minutes after the class, and that's when I found out what type of law he practiced. He answered a few general questions I had, and I found him very comfortable and easy to talk with. We exchanged business cards and parted ways...for then. A few months later, and with the loss of more income I found the bills piling higher and the calls getting more demanding, I decided I needed to investigate my options and I remembered Adam. I was very apprehensive about the whole subject, let alone the now possible reality of actually “doing it”, but I called and set an appointment to meet with Adam. Again, I found him to very comfortable and easy to talk with. At this meeting I also found that Adam was also knowledgeable, thorough, patient (with my unending questions!) and not the least bit “pushy”. On subsequent phone calls, emails and appointments he and his staff were consistent, from making the decision to file right on through the entire process. Thank you, Adam, for making an unpleasant and uncomfortable time and process as pleasant and painless as possible - I'd recommend you / your company anytime!

This is an excellent firm and I would recommend

I fell into a financial hardship and did not know which way to turn We turned to Adam as a last effort to make our financial troubles go away. This is an excellent firm and I would recommend them to anyone! THANKS ADAM YOU ARE THE BEST :) Herminio Aranda ( MILO)


Everyone in the office was very friendly and professional. Adam Schachter was very helpful by clearly stating your options and walking you through the steps. He was completely non-judgmental and the whole process was handled efficiently. Thank you Schacher law firm and thank you Adam!


It was a difficult and emotional time and I am grateful and still amazed at the patience and integrity of Mr. Schachter.  He gave us the information we needed to make our decision to file, and then all the support necessary to have it go smoothly.



Adam had provided me and my family with the utmost 5-star service anyone could possibly expect when it comes to legal-financial concerns.  I have referred Adam to ALL my friends and family for absoutely ANY issue.  He is the ULTIMATE go-to guy.  If he can't help, he will referral it.  Adam has exceeded our expectations over and over again.  How many attorneys do you know who actually TALK TO THEIR CLIENTS either via phone or in person.  Most others simply shrug it off to para-legals.  Adam CARES and has a deep sense of COMPASSION for his clients.


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