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The Bankruptcy Foreclosure Process in Texas

The home foreclosure process in Texas


Let’s face it:  this is the worst economy that we’ve seen in our lifetime.  Many hundreds of thousands of people are behind on their homes.  In Harris County alone, nearly 3,000 homes are posted for foreclosure every month.  What does it mean to be “posted for foreclosure”?  How does the process work?  Read on.


Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuits in Houston

Foreclosure Lawsuits in Texas

If you have a home equity loan, there is another step in the foreclosure process before a lender is allowed to foreclose on your home.
First, a lawsuit seeking an order for foreclosure is filed.  The lawsuit is served on you, usually by a constable or private process server.  Sometimes it gets served to you via certified mail.  Again, it’s very helpful to open your mail and be informed.

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