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We know that there are hundreds of companies that offer relief from debt. We are also aware that few of us really have a deep knowledge of bankruptcy and debt issues. This knowledge is critical as it relates to helping you choose the best option to land on your feet financially. Of the few who have this knowledge, we believe that nobody gives better service than us. We will help you avoid the pitfalls and choose the best strategies to get you out of debt and back on your feet fast. We want you not only to have a fresh start financially, we want you to thrive after you have been our client. If you're looking for relief from debt or need to file for bankruptcy, we are here to help. Read all the articles relating to debt on this website or contact us for a free confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your personal situation. Please call (281) 847-4345 for immediate assistance or to use the form below.

Debt strategies that work

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Debt Relief Attorney Services: The Consultation

The first thing you might notice about us at a consultation is that we won’t be wearing a suit. We understand how stressed out you are and we are not big fans of the snobbishness associated with our profession. We dress in a relaxed way because our firm emanates a relaxed atmosphere. We want to do anything we can to lessen the pain you feel about your financial struggles and that starts with the appearance of our lawyers and our office.

Step 1

Read our Texas Debt Settlement Primer (opens a PDF document) and learn about the time line for debt settlement, common pitfalls and costs.


Step 2

We have over 15 years experience of happy clients and a flawless record. If you are ready to put your finances back on track then keep reading...


What to expect from a consultation

Debt Collectors and Your Rights

I have bill collectors calling me night and day, what rights do I have?


If you are getting called by a third-party collector, or debt buyer, about debts that are not related to a business, you have significant rights.  In addition to the rights provided by the Texas Debt Collection Act, you are also protected by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Your Rights and Creditors

I’m behind and the creditors are calling, do I have any rights?

If the creditors are calling you, and the debts they are calling about are debts unrelated to a business, you have significant rights.
Different laws protect you depending on who is calling.  If the original creditor is calling you, you have some protection under the Texas Debt Collection Act.  An original creditor would be someone like Bank of America contacting you regarding a credit card.

We respect and guarantee the confidentiality of your case and personal information

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