I had a significant need for legal assistance.  Adam Schachter was recommended as an attorney who could/would provide the legal assistance I required.  Although educated I am not experienced in legal matters and entered the process with trepidation.  Adam immediately expelled my fears and assured me "things would work out correctly"--which is exactly what happened.  I can and do therefore submit that I will always seek his legal counsel.  I say this without any mental reservation.

G. C.

Mr. Schachter helped me trhough a tough time.  He kept me informed at all times.  He explained everything to me.  He explained what would happen and what could happen in an easy and informative way.  He gave me all of my options that I had so I could make an informed decision.  I will and have recommended Mr. Schachter to my friends or anybody who asks me.


Adam walked me through the entire bankruptcy process leaving no stone unturned and no question unanswered.  If there was an area of uncertainy (very little) he found the answer.  He always made himself available, returned calls promptly and worked around my schedule.  Due to circumstances beyond my control it became necessary for me to convert to Chapter 7  Again I relied on Adam to get me through this difficult time.  He genuinely cares about the well being of his clients and understands the stress we experience.  If I ever need an attorney again, Adam would be the first one I'd call.  Even if not in his area of expertise I have all of the faith in the world in him to lead me in the right direction.


Adam Schachter was the perfect choice at a very difficult time for me.  He was professional, knowledgable, and sensitive.  I would highly recommend him.

Daisy C.

When I came to Adam, I was about to lose my home because my husband had been in the hospital with a bone disease and could not work to help me.  I did not want to lose my house but I had no extra money.  Adam told me that he had never taken a chance on a client but that he was going to do so now in spite of my very tight plan that left no room for contingencies.  I scraped up the filing fee and we went from there.  My husband is better and we still have our house and I have paid off my bankruptcy thanks to Adam's trust that I would do what I said I would do.


Hiring an attorney for any reason was something I was trying very hard to get through life without doing.  I heard so many negative things and no one but an attorney would argue that they are expensive.  However, sometimes the price you pay for not hiring any attorney is higher.  Adam helped me find closure to many years of difficulty and stress in my life.  He did it with compassion, patience, expertise and understanding.  He knows what he's doing and does it well.  He earned every penny I paid him.

Odalys G.

I found my experience to be suprisingly pleasant.  Everyone was very helpful and patient with me (regardless of how many questions, doubts and fears that I had).  I was hesitant at first because I had never gone through anything like this, but my debt was so great and the credit card companies were not willing to work with me that I finally had to turn to Adam and his staff to stop the madness.  With Adam, Ryan and Jessica, I did not feel like pond scum for filing for bankruptcy.  They understood the financial problem I was in and they really helped me through the process.  One of the things that was unexpected was the Hummingbird financial assistance.  This assistance was of great help for me teaching me what to do and what not to do regarding my finances.  I know of a few people who have gone through bankruptcy more than once and I've always wondered how could they do the same mistake over and over.  I'm sure if they had gone through what Adam provided through Hummingbird they would not be making that mistake again.  I would definitely recommend Adam and his staff to anyone who requires their services.

Ora J.

Attorney Schachter handled my bankruptcy case for me.  I was real nervous at first, but he put me at ease.  I supplied everything he told me he needed and he did the rest.  He kept me informed every step of the way.  He is very knowledgable in this field of bankruptcy.  I would gladly recommend him to friends and strangers.  He has integrity, which is rare these days.  He really cares about his clients.


As lots of regular people do, we got ourselves in a bind and it sure was not intentional.  Adam was recommended to me by a family member but no matter who has been there you always have the fear of the unknown.  Adam gave it to us straightforward and told us everything we needed to know and what was best for us.  He put us at ease and we left it in his and his Admin's hands.  They were both kind enough to always answer or return our calls and answer all our questions.  They never made us feel like we were a bother or if any of our questions were of no importance.  Adam always told us what was the next step was and what to expect.  Henever steered us wrong.  I thank Adam and his team for giving us a fresh new start.  Thanks Adam!

Nancy D.

After reading Adam Schachter's introductory letter and giving him a call, my husband and I felt there was going to be help for us with our debt.  Even though, we are not proud of having filed for bankruptcy and the feeling of shame and embarrasment tends to haunt on us.  Adam and his staff were great.  I do not remember any word from Adam judging our mistakes that brought us to file for bankruptcy.  Instead, he offered us solutions, gave us legal advice, and the most important of all, Adam helped us see that there was life after a bankruptcy.  Soon it will be a year and a half that my husband and I were discharged from our Chapter 7 bankruptcy and we have followed Adam's advice, we are able to sleep at night not worrying about our past debt.  We learned our lesson and have been able to stay away from financial difficulties.  Thanks Adam for all your help.

Andres Z.

Adams is a special friend!  A friend is a person that help you on your troubles.  Specially, financial problems that I gain through the years helping my parents.  He is a humble person which help me in going through financial difficulties times.  He knows how to help me.  Clear understanding of my solution to my problem and how I can leave my worries and stress in the past.  Start a new life with my Wife married prior requesting Adam's help.  Make me feel that Monetary value is in second place.  Helping People are the first important for a good lawyer.

Jack and Brenda H.

During a recent low point in our lives, Adam's firm helped, consoled, and steered us through the minefield of bankruptcy.  We emerged on the other side down, but not beaten.  His firm was helpful, understanding, and professional.  I would recommend them to anyone who thinks there is no hope, or is afraid of the unknowns in this life changing situation.


I was lost, and I didn't know how to go about all the mess.  I found Mr. Schachter and came for a consultation.  I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders after I left his office.  It was history after that.


Thank you for the very positive experience!  We chose Adam Schachter our lawyer because we were impressed by his knowledge and confidence when we attended his lecture at Leisure Learning.  Jessica always returned our calls promptly and was always very pleasant.  Ryan made us feel very much at ease and explain all the options in a way we could easily understand.  He followed up as the case progressed and also went an extra mile to help when my husband got very sick and could not come to sign the papers personally.  I was very pleased with their service.

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