Debt Relief Attorney Services: The Consultation

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Read our Texas Debt Settlement Primer (opens a PDF document) and learn about the time line for debt settlement, common pitfalls and costs.

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We have over 15 years experience of happy clients and a flawless record. If you are ready to put your finances back on track then keep reading...


What to expect from a consultation

The first thing you might notice about us at a consultation is that we won’t be wearing a suit. We understand how stressed out you are and we are not big fans of the snobbishness associated with our profession. We dress in a relaxed way because our firm emanates a relaxed atmosphere. We want to do anything we can to lessen the pain you feel about your financial struggles and that starts with the appearance of our lawyers and our office.


Your initial consultation at our firm will always be with a lawyer. Don’t settle for anything less! A non-lawyer absolutely cannot give you the same complete analysis of your situation that a lawyer at our firm could.


What to bring to a consultation

We will ask you to bring a couple of things to the consult. We always need to see recent paystubs or pay advices at a minimum. If you are salaried, we only need one or two. If you get paid by the hour, we’ll need at least a few months worth, but preferably the last 6. If you are self-employed, we’ll need to see your cashflow records from the last six months. If you are retired we just need to know how much money you receive each month as well as the source of your income. We also need you to bring a list of your debts but if you cannot put that together, we could always pull your credit report with you.


That’s all you need to bring to a consult. Many of our competitors ask you to bring much more information such as the last two years of tax returns, your credit report, etc. They may also ask you to fill out 10-30 page form, just to meet with them! We don’t ask you to do any of that for a first meeting because as long as we know what you’ve been earning, and who you owe, 95% of the time we can give you a detailed analysis of your situation. We like to trust what people tell us when we meet with them. If they then decide to hire us, we will get the documentation we need to file their bankruptcy at that time.


At the consult, an attorney will provide a detailed analysis of your income. We will ask you many questions about what you own. We will do a budget together. If necessary, we will perform a complimentary means test for you. Once we have all the information necessary to analyze your case we will discuss your options with you. Some of our competitors SELL bankruptcy. We don’t. We want to point out to you what we think your options are and help you make an educated decision about what’s best for you. We will listen to your hopes and fears and answer any question you can come up with. We will try to craft a plan for you that lands you on your feet financially and helps you to thrive long after we have represented you.


A final thought regarding our consults and our approach: It’s very common to laugh during a consultation. Think about it--in the moment of laughter, it’s not possible to feel pain. If you are sad or stressed reading this right now, try it out. Force a giggle and see if you feel badly in that moment. You won’t. We are laid back, and kind, and try to make the process as painless as possible for you. In doing so, we try to get to know you and do what it takes to make you smile, or hopefully, giggle and see that there is some hope for your situation.

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